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Christoph A. STEBLER – Director

Following his banking apprenticeship, Christoph STEBLER worked for a major Swiss bank in stock exchange accounting and logistics for several years. During this time he got to know the stock exchange trade inside out.

He then completed a two-and-a-half year internship with training modules in the area of trading and the sale of securities. This provided another opportunity for him to broaden and deepen his professional expertise. His internship also included training in investment consulting and asset management. At this time, he also gained his first practical customer support experience.

After a stint in England to improve his English, he returned to his former employer. For the next seven years, he worked as a securities salesperson and broker. In this position, he provided support and advice on portfolio investments, investment strategies and research to Swiss third-party banks as well as independent asset management companies. The main focus here was on Swiss shares and their derivatives.

He successfully completed the part-time course for certified stockbrokers of the Zurich Stock Exchange. This was followed by a training course for traders of the electronic stock exchange SWX/EBS.

Since 1999, he played an important role in the setup and expansion of Stebler AG, an asset management firm in Zurich. For over ten years, he was able to contribute his broad banking knowledge to this small company while at the same time expanding his knowledge and consolidating his personal customer relations into a very demanding international clientele. Due to the close cooperation since the end of 2009 between the two companies Stebler AG and Eagle Invest Ltd., he has taken on additional tasks in his usual areas within the group.